Thursday, September 15, 2011

M-8 Enchanted Square and I-9 Chase a Myth

I am catching up on my squares!  As of this morning I have three completed.  Today I present to you:

M8-Enchanted Square
I9-Chase a Myth

It has been a long time since I've done paper piecing, but with each square I remember what works best for me.  I like to leave the paper on until the end so I can easily match up corners and sew precisely along the 1/4" seam line.  The pieces in these squares are very tiny (the finished squares are 4 1/2") and the sewing machine needle likes to eat them!  Also, since this project is going to last a year and a half, I may leave the paper on for stabilization until I'm ready to put them into rows.  Still considering...

Going to try to finish one more square today and maybe work on another sewing idea that has been running around in my head.  Stay posted!


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