Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear Jane Catch-up!

Today I'm going to update all the squares and triangles that I have finished for my Dear Jane quilt.  I am so behind in showing you what I've done!  And I need to get them off my sewing table and into their book.

A-9 Cabin Fever
I-3 Family Album
H-4 Abbey's Eyes
E-12 Mary Ruth's Corset
D-9 Uncle Richard
H-5 Michael's Motorcycle

H-7 Bennington Star
E-9 Quilt Jail

TR-5 Michigan Dunes

LS-10 Megan's Cathedral

And the pain in my bucket-RS-6 Tumbling Blocks

I worked on RS6 today.  It took me ALL AFTERNOON!  I'm mostly pleased with the bugger.  I'm hoping none of the others are as impossible as this one-this project is supposed to be fun!  I used a combination of inset seams on the sewing machine and, when that didn't work, hand applique as I went along.  Won't be doing this one again!

Well, it is all supposed to be a learning experience.  I'm still a couple blocks behind, but moving right along.  Finished three this weekend and have 3 prepped for hand applique, so all in all, doing GREAT!


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